Khushpal Brar: Letter to President Shoukri


My name is Khushpal, I worked at the Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability at York U. as an Events Coordinator from September 2012 to April 2013.

I understand that you are currently discussing closing IRIS and I wanted to present a few points in favor of rechartering the pan-university research centre in sustainability.

As one of Canada’s largest universities, York U has a large community and is a voice for the future development of our country. York has the opportunity to use that influence and create a space where everyone can learn about and have a say on the state of our environment. Our environmental challenges are connected to our social, political and economic problems; through the trans-disciplinary platform at IRIS, where both academics and non-academics are welcome, York can give everyone the chance to understand their own unique role in the shift towards sustainable living. IRIS also represents a network where we can connect to the global community through our common need, our environment.

Canadian universities needs more groups like IRIS to continue their work in education and research. We are lagging behind in our federal and provincial policies in recognizing how the degradation of our environment and lack of investment into renewable/sustainable technologies is harming us as a society.

Please support IRIS, it is the embodiment of York University’s mission for the pursuit, preservation and dissemination of knowledge.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my opinion,
Khushpal Brar


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